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Bowen Technique

Bowen is a very gentle treatment that uses small rolling movements over specific muscles and tendons around the body. As such it is a treatment that is suitable for everyone from babies to the very elderly.

Fascia is the sheet of connective tissue that covers the structures of the body – allowing flexibility and movement between various parts of the body. Necessary changes can be made that allow movement to operate in a more normal and pain free manner by moving this fascia that surrounding muscles and other tissue.

Bowen can be seen to be working on various levels in the body during and after treatment. Muscles relax and re adjust themselves, pain levels often reduce or disappear altogether, a sense of wellbeing and confidence in movement also often accompanies treatment.

Bowen Technique can be performed through thin clothing such as fine cotton fabric. Before and afterwards the client will be encouraged to drink plenty of water as this helps the body to function better generally and particularly during treatments.

Usually 3 treatments are recommended as a minimum to give the body a sufficient chance to respond to the Bowen. Some conditions may benefit from regular treatment whilst others will need no further follow up. Initial treatments will include taking a full medical history from the client.

Many musculoskeletal conditions can potentially be helped with Bowen and that includes things like breathing difficulties, which includes treating the diaphragm.

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