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Larissa Mosca

Larissa is passionate about acupuncture and believes that Chinese medicine can not only be extremely effective in treating a variety of disorders, but also enhances our way of life. Larissa witnessed this first hand whilst in Taiwan in 2011, where she was deepening my studies at the China Medical University of Taichung. In eastern countries, acupuncture is practiced alongside western medicine in hospitals and TCM principles are commonly adopted by the entire population.

Larissa have a keen interest in women’s health, from painful periods to infertility problems, treating pregnant and post-partum women and women going through the menopause. She conducted a small research trial on hot flushes as part of her degree, she analysed not only the reduction in vasomotor symptoms but also the improvement achieved in associated symptoms, such as reduction in anxiety, through the use if acupuncture and lifestyle advice.

Larissa also practices Tuina, a form of Chinese massage applied on the bare skin or, more often, through clothes. Tuina works on promoting the optimal flow of qLarissa within the meridians, therefore it can be used effectively to treat musculoskeletal disorders or any other specific pains within the body, as well as internal disorders such as IBS and anxiety. The treatment will be adapted to the individual’s needs and preferences: it can be a deep tissue invigorating massage or a more gentle, slow and nourishing type of massage.


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